Just read a post by Jesse Stay entitled “Developers Bailing on Twitter” and while he certainly has some interesting observations I think the overall premise is flawed and here’s why…

Some developers may be moving from Twitter to Platform X but I don’t see a large rush away from it, I mean the hottest piece of hardware right now picked Twitterrific for a design award.  Sure Twitter has had some issues lately BUT looking at it as a developer I feel it is still a very important piece of infrastructure for building connected communication applications.  

I’ve been using the service only for a short time (as a user), I haven’t started to integrate my code into it (so I have not had to deal with the issues Jesse speaks of) and when it first was released I was a super sceptic about its usefulness and longevity but I am singing a different tune now.  I really enjoy it as a user and as a developer I see it as a prime target for some of what I am building.

Why is the developer in me so bullish?  Well I like tools that don’t attempt to totally change the way we interact with one another but instead try to empower and extend it.  I feel Twitter does this very well and I am sure they have many ideas to extend it further.  At the end of the day it comes down to my belief Twitter is essentially a social communications infrastructure play and it’s pretty easy to believe in a social communication platform created by the Obvious Corp. team, they kind of know social. 😉

We know why they are having the uptime issues they are and it will be fixed and Twitter will continue to evolve.  On the infrastructure issue, the only advice I would give them at this stage as it’s not my thing, they have smart people working on it and they are getting way more than they need (good and bad) is buy Twiddict and integrate it today. While it’s a pretty straightforward idea that can easily be duplicated it’s there, it’s useful and ready to go. 

In conclusion, I feel Twitter with all it’s current issues has a whole lot of positives.  It really has the feel of IM in the early days…


Some Aha Moment Tools

June 19, 2008

So I have come across some great stuff in the last few days and wanted to highlight them for myself (as I can’t dig in right now) and for my few readers.

1. Xoopit for Gmail – Finds (and allows sharing) all the pictures, videos, and files buried in your inbox.  Such a simple idea but so useful!  It turns the inbox something that is still used by millions daily as a file sharing mechanism into an image browser / social network enabler.  It extends the email client in an elegant and useful way… I wish I would have come up with this one, well done guys I LOVE it!

2. Some things should be a web application and some things maybe should not…  Mindmeister is an excellent example of an application that should be a web app.  It’s a collaborative mind mapping tool, it looks good, works flawlessly and has some snazzy, innovative features like adding tasks and attachments (this is a feature I love) to ideas.  It can also work offline via gears (have not tried yet).

3.  TwitPic, with all the tools using the Twitter API this is by far my favorite so far.  What does TwitPic do you ask…  It lets you share photos on Twitter, does not sound exciting but boy howdy!

4. Balsamiq, if you are building a new product and need to design the UI take a look at the screen mockup tool Balsamiq.  It’s basically a napkin style design tool but on the computer.  I haven’t tried it yet but if it works as good as the demos show I am sold as I have been looking for this kind of tool for EVER.

5. Akismet, the spam back-end here at WordPress.com.  I seem to have a lot more spammers watching my blog than actual readers but Akismet has dealt with them wonderfully.  Thank You Guys (and for WordPress in general).

6. Wordle, it’s just neat…