I have been testing SugarSync using their liberal 45-day free trial and I have to say I am quite impressed with both the service and even more importantly the support which I have made use of already.

Some background… I a wanted a no-nonsense way to backup source code from my repository; a secondary fail-safe if you will and with this in mind I tried a number of free and pay-for cloud-based storage services and decided to go with SugarSync.  The main reason was the level of support…

Why did I need support?  Well I store everything in a TrueCrypt volume and when I tried to upload the volume it failed (at the very end which was a bit annoying as it was large).  Since I was having issues I logged a support query using the built in method in SugarSync and even though I am only on trial I had a response back within a couple of hours.  I went back and forth with emails with the SugarSync rep. trying various things and while we did not solve it during these conversations I did figure out what was causing my upload issue.  The TrueCrypt volume I was trying to place on SugarSync has executables in it and for whatever reason it did not like that; once I removed these all was well.

While I can’t seem to use SugarSync the way I intended (uploading a TrueCrypt volume) given the great level of service I experienced I plan on signing up for the service anyway and as I am a paranoid person where my source code is involved I have come up with a different method of encrypting it before uploading…

The method… Using OpenSSL I will encrypt each checked-in file and have the encrypted version replicated to a sync directory which mimics my repository and this directory will be set to automatically sync to the SugarSync store.  To do the encryption I am using a method I found on the LifeHacker site combined with some simple scripts I wrote that automatically encrypt each file as it is changed or added, that deal with deletions and finally that copy each file to the sync directory.  If the worst ever happens to my source code repository and my development boxes I can just download the encrypted files and do a batch decryption.

While it’s not as simple as simply copying my encrypted volume to SugarSync I have no problem doing it this way given the excellent support I received.  While I wish it would work with my TrueCrypt volume I have no hesitation recommending SugarSync given my excellent experience.


The Perfect Notebook

June 21, 2008

It’s a passion bordering on an obsession, the search for the perfect notebook… Ever since I was little I have been searching for the one notebook that was the notebook for me and now to fuel this obsession further I come across a blog called Black Cover.

Black Cover is a blog dedicated to notebooks and the posts on the site go a long way towards helping find each persons perfect notebook. How can a site about paper notebooks be so darn enthralling; well I really have no good answer other than it is…

If you are notebook obsessed or even just looking for a notebook that works for you go check it out.