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New Project, New Blog

July 5, 2008

So while I need a new project (or a new blog for that matter) like a hole in the head, I have started one to cover an iPhone games project I am going to be working on.

I am pretty stoked about the game and will likely be writing a whole bunch over there. ¬†There are social interaction designs throughout the game so even though it’s a game it may still be of interest to social interaction buffs. ¬†

Come join me if your interested in watching the soup being made… ¬†

The blog is at http://mysteryproject.wordpress.com/

The Perfect Notebook

June 21, 2008

It’s a passion bordering on an obsession, the search for the perfect notebook… Ever since I was little I have been searching for the one notebook that was the notebook for me and now to fuel this obsession further I come across a blog called Black Cover.

Black Cover is a blog dedicated to notebooks and the posts on the site go a long way towards helping find each persons perfect notebook. How can a site about paper notebooks be so darn enthralling; well I¬†really¬†have no good answer other than it is…

If you are notebook obsessed or even just looking for a notebook that works for you go check it out.

Hi All,

Well I sort of dropped of the blogging map for quite some time.¬† It’s harder than I thought writing on a regular basis; even when you have useful things to say.

I hope to keep this blog regularly updated.  It will contain a collection of my thoughts, tips, tricks and ideas about how technology can further social interaction including discussions about communication platforms and data exchange.

Plus I will be linking to interesting posts and things I find elsewhere.

It will also be the place I talk about my project which I have been working on for some time now.