Wow, did I ever get behind in posting, I was doing so well keeping up the info stream…  Well I had a pretty good reason I’ve been heads down in code on a tool I have wanted to release for some time now.  It’s a relatively small tool (though I could see it morphing into something bigger) but one I think will be very useful dealing with some of the data rot we all face as we interact with more people and do more things.

I am not releasing a lot of details at the moment but I am pushing hard to release a small beta to a test group then the full on application soon after that.  It’ll be a desktop application (yup they still exist) and will release first for the Apple platform.  This is a new way of deploying for me as I have always released for the Windows platform first (and in most cases only) but working with my new MacBook Air has inspired me to go Mac first. 

While I am not sure of the pricing model I may go with something like the Freemium plan outlined by Fred Wilson way back in 06.  One thing is for certain it won’t be an ad-driven model as it doesn’t fit the application, maybe a business pay / consumer free model. It’s odd… coding seems simple compared to finding the right revenue model in today’s marketplace.


Data vs. Information

June 27, 2008

Data is just data until it is contextually parsed then it can become useful information and as we all know he who has the best information not the most data rules.