Contact Mapping Schema

June 13, 2008

So after reading an informative post on Chris Messina’s blog I think I am going to put together an xml based mapping for the various contact APIs out there…  

I am currently working with a particular API but will likely have to support the others eventually (depending on what my users, etc. want) so I might as well create the facade now and code to a single api.  I could create some code but I think since everyone codes in different languages (yup believe it or not some of still use C) it would be simpler to create some XML schemas, etc. and leave the implementation details up to the end developer though I may create a sample in javascript.  

Since I’ve been looking at putting something out for the community for a while if this is deemed helpful I shall look at this as a possible contribution. 

Yes been linking to Chris a bit lately but I think identity is one of the core underpinnings to turning data into actionable information (an area I am working in) and Chris is all over identity stuff.  If you are interested in open methods of identification and authorization follow his blog.


Lots of discussion lately around the idea of managing your digital identity in a global social world.  There are various vendor specific and open source projects (Open ID and Chris Messina’s DiSo project) looking at this issue but I have an idea…  

With the proliferation of smart phones like the iPhone and Blackberry why can’t we use our phone as our identity server?  My unscientific poll tells me most people keep their mobile phone number for ever so you don’t have to worry about managing a transient server somewhere and since it is always with you, you own the server/data and it’s use.

Now for this to work it really presupposes an unlimited data plan and we’d have to think about security, maybe 2 one-way hashes of the phone number so it is not detectable.  Also battery life is of course a concern but most smart phones have a notification or push awake feature so that should not be an issue

All we’d have to do is install an ID server to the smart phone and Bob’s your uncle.

It would be fairly easy to build a proof of concept of this, I am sure there a holes so let’s discuss…