Textmate or Subethaedit — Help

July 3, 2008

So I am moving to Apple for much of my development and am wondering whether as a developer you prefer Textmate or Subethaedit and why…

An editor is a very personal thing so I’d love some input on the relative merits and also the downsides of your preferred tool, especially if you have used both.

Thanks, Christopher!


3 Responses to “Textmate or Subethaedit — Help”

  1. Patrick Says:

    The only useful feature SubEthaedit has is collaboration. If you collaborate with your friends and colleagues a lot this might be useful to you but only if they also use SubEthaedit.

    TextMate on the other hand is a universal editor which can be extended almost indefinitely. There are so many good bundles (“extensions”) out there and it’s easy to make them yourself.

    I have some good TextMate tutorials and articles on my del.icio.us account which could help you in getting a better understanding what you can do with TextMate at http://del.icio.us/halbtuerke/textmate and there’s also a very good book about TextMate at http://www.pragprog.com/titles/textmate/textmate which I highly recommend.

    You could also watch the screencasts on TextMates site at http://macromates.com/screencasts


  2. swarmsync Says:

    Thanks for answering the help call Patrick! 🙂

    Based on the above matched with my needs it sounds like I should go with TextMate.

    Thanks Again,


  3. Patrick Says:

    You’re welcome. I’m sure you won’t regret your decision.

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