Sunday Short Takes

June 29, 2008

A quite blog week and just a few things for Sunday’s short takes…

1. Found a couple of cool new sites

A. The first is called Beyond Search covering all things search and content processing related with what appears to be a slight emphasis on enterprise search related topics. Even though I am a keen observer of the “search” space (I am building software where “search” is a core underpinning) I have found something new and useful on Beyond Search almost every day.

B.  The second is Markup As An API, and the name is pretty self-explanatory.  From the looks of things it’s not updated a lot but what is there is good.

2. Search as a component…  There are a ton of companies who’s core technology can be thought of as search or text analytics but their end product has a whole different look to it making it less about search and more about the application and outcomes of search.  This is especially prevalent in the enterprise space where very vertical or niche applications of “search” are coming into play more and more.  See this about Nstein post on Beyond Search for a good example.

3. Been working really hard and after so much coding, prototype building and logical course corrections delivering something cool & most importantly useful soon will be a joy and very gratifying!


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