Transitory Social Networks

June 15, 2008

One of the things that I think is missing from current social networking “tools” is the ability to establish transitory networks with people that you have or in many cases do not have relationships with.

What do I mean?  Well I feel much of how we currently Interact with others is in a very transitory fashion and in a way where people and tools need to come together and then go away. I am talking about a whole mishmash of interconnected services that just need to work together and then “disappear” rather than making me maintain a profile or site or …

To make this happen along with the exposing of existing methods of interaction we need a bunch of tools with Open ID possibly being one of them as I think it is a way to establish trusted sources something vital to the equation and possibly Twitter as one of the providers of a unified messaging substrate.

This is an area I am trying to make work and will be discussing much more…


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