Why is Twitter successful?

June 5, 2008

So Twitter has been having all kinds of up-time issues recently but rather than talk about the problems I thought I would mention why I think it’s successful.

It’s quite simple really they are succeeding where others are struggling because they are working with existing communication tools allowing free form social interaction.  They are working the way we work now rather than trying to make us conform to a new paradigm (yes I hate that word too).


5 Responses to “Why is Twitter successful?”

  1. Tim Rueb Says:

    How about they are successful because they found a cool name, are getting lots of buzz, and have some people that created desktop clients and API’s to update their twitters rather then using a very poor web interface?

  2. swarmsync Says:

    Hey Tim,

    Excellent points and I can’t disagree with you as these are definetly all reasons that have propelled Twitter to success.

    That said I still think the core reason it is succesful is it integrates into the way we currently interact.


  3. Tim Rueb Says:

    Agreed, I’m just commenting on the fact that Twitter seems to be gaining traction while the other same-in-class social tools are not. (plunk, etc)

  4. swarmsync Says:


    It is an excellent point you make. 🙂

    And welcome to my blog you are my first commenter. 🙂

  5. Tim Rueb Says:

    Suggestion: Add the Twitter Follow link to your blogroll. If people like your posts, they might want to follow you.

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